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Hi-Way Muffler uses quality products from many different manufacturers.  This allows for competitive pricing that we pass on to you.  We do not limit ourselves in this area to just one company.  We also carry a good inventory of odd parts that most other places have to order.  Some of the manufacturers we use include the following:

  • Flowmaster
  • Imco
  • Magnaflow
  • Engine Control
  • Catco
  • Carsound
  • Bosch
  • A.P. Exhaust
  • Walker
  • Cherry Bomb

FlowMaster Performance Exhaust

Hi-Way Muffler is an authorized Flowmaster and Magnaflow dealer. Using competitive pricing with these and several other companies allows us to save you money. Isn’t that what we all are looking for?

Flowmaster Performance Exhaust
Steel welded construction designed to reduce RPM, resulting in a cooler, long-lasting engine. Gives sound and performance to eliminate tampering.

IMCO Mufflers



Catalytic Converters

Most people understand the reason for the catalytic converter. For those of you who do not, here is the reason why we have catalytic converters.  Catalytic converters are an air pollution control device placed in the exhaust system of cars and trucks since 1975.  Converters take the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons that are given off as waste from the combustion of a gasoline engine (and some diesels) and converts them into water and carbon dioxide gas.  Since water and carbon dioxide cycle through the environment, they are safer than carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.  Catalytic converters also convert nitrous oxides into nitrogen gas, which makes up 78% of air.  Therefore, we have cleaner air coming out of our cars.

There have always been federal laws regarding the converter since 1975.  At first, most automotive businesses ignored them.  As time went on, Louisville introduced the Jefferson County Vehicle Emissions Test (VET).  We all had to take our cars and trucks to have them tested, and we did not appreciate the inconvenience of having to be forced to do so.  Finally, because of Dan Seum, the VET was eliminated due to a vote during the administration of David Armstrong.  Even though the VET was done away with, all of the laws remained in place and were overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Please be aware that, by law, no company can replace a converter just because a customer wants it replaced.  The converter must be tested and determined to be not operating properly or defective.

New laws are requiring that all vehicles in the United States conform to strict California Emissions Requirements. So all of the cars in the U.S. will have to meet the same standards as California.

They call this the 49 State Conversion.  While the old laws are still in place, the EPA is enforcing the original laws of 1975 as well.  Automotive businesses have always been required to keep the old converter off your vehicle for 15 days.  After that, we are paid to have them recycled due to the precious metals inside them.  Beware folks!  There are some businesses and individuals who will try to replace your converter even if you have no check engine light showing on your dashboard, especially in the older vehicles that do not have a check engine light.  They want the money paid for the recycling.  There have also been problems with converters being stolen right off your car, sitting on the side of the road or right in your driveway while you sleep.

There is a new type of converter coming out now.  It is directly connected to the manifold of your engine.  These types of converters are expensive.  This converter is being installed on both foreign and domestic cars.  We stock most of these types of “manifold cats” and if we don’t have it in stock, we have quick, local availability to them, and we can beat almost anyone’s price.

We now have the newest in exhaust and emissions technology.  This system is called Genysis.

It helps to diagnose general emissions codes and breaks them down into specific on-board functions.  Our programs cover all makes and models, domestic, European and Asian through model year 2009.

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